Our best protective
phone cases

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Our best protective <br> phone cases Our best protective <br> phone cases

Stylish protective cases

Walnut swatch
Black leather swatch
White leather swatch
Aramid fibre swatch
Bamboo swatch


Extreme protection
Exclusive magnetic accessories

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Clear swatch


A clear case
that stays clear

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Speckled leather swatch
Brown leather swatch
Black leather swatch
White leather swatch
Red leather swatch


Curved, slim protective case
Uncompromisingly stylish

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Case ratings from 10K verified customers

Accessories for Limitless cases

Our exclusive range of magnetic wallets and mounts work seamlessly with our Limitless cases so you can do more with your phone

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AirPods Cases

Stylish and protective real leather AirPods & AirPods Pro Cases

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Extreme Protection

No case makes your phone indestructible but that doesn't stop us trying

Engineered with purpose

We combine advanced engineering and intelligent design to solve real problems

Lifetime warranty

We make high quality products that last. We're so confident of this fact that all Mous cases are covered against defects for life. See our Warranty page for full details

Amazing stories from our customers

Check us out @mouscase to read more

Dropped at least 70 feet to the concrete at the bottom of the elevator shaft.


Fell maybe 10-11 feet. Watched several trains go over the top of it with fear.


"Protects your phone from some serious impact"

"Ground-breaking...really, really good"

"This case is on point in protection and style"

"The go-to-guardian for protecting your phone"

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